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Building Your Home

Process Overview

After you make your reservation, we work closely with you during every step of the purchase and construction processes to build your new home.  

Purchase Process

The Three Oaks design team works closely with each homebuyer during every step of the purchase process to ensure a great homebuying experience.

Purchase Process

Step #2 – Choose Your Home Style & Floor Plan

Choose one of our Craftsman-inspired homes and a corresponding floor plan.

Personalize your new home with a variety of option packages and finish selections that meet your needs.  We provide you with pricing updates during the process and help you stay within your budget. 

Step #4 – Personalize Your New Home

Step #5 – Sign Your Purchase Agreement & Make Your Non-Refundable Deposit

After we have personalized and finalized the pricing of your new home, we will enter into a purchase agreement with you.  The purchase agreement requires that you provide a non-refundable, earnest money deposit for the purchase of your lot and the construction of your new home.  

Step #3 – Make a Reservation

Reserve a lot for your new home, make a $3,000 reservation deposit, pay a $1,000 Design Fee, and receive your Reservation Book.  The reservation deposit is fully refundable until we enter into a purchase agreement for your new home.  

Step #1 – Select Your Three Oaks Community

Choose one of our new neighborhoods in southeast Michigan.

Step #6 – Provide Financing Commitment Letter and and Proof of Funds for Lot Purchase and Home Construction

After you make your non-refundable deposit, you will also need to secure a construction loan with one of our preferred lenders and then provide us with their financing commitment letter as well as proof of funds for the balance of the lot purchase and construction of your new home.

Construction Process

The Three Oaks design team works closely with our homebuyers and premier builders during every step of the construction process to ensure a great home-building experience, including walkthrough inspections at each stage of the construction process.

Construction Process

The construction process begins by closing on your lot and then outlining the foundation and basement of your new home with stakes.  After our builder stakes the basement, they will dig the hole, , set the foundation, and install the basement walls.

With the basement in place, our builder will frame your new home, put on the roof, and install the rough mechanical, plumbing, and electrical fixtures.  

With the rough construction completed, it’s time to finish your new home with drywall, paint, final mechanicals, flooring, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, appliances, and many other interior features.  

After the completion of final inspections and punch list work and receipt of your certificate of occupancy, it's time to move into your new home, which comes with a limited warranty. 

Step #4 – Move Into Your New Home

Step #1 – Purchase Your Lot and Build the Foundation and Basement

Step #2 – Complete Rough Construction

Step #3 – Complete Finished Construction

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