Every family with an I/DD loved one faces the same challenge...securing quality housing and support services that meet the needs of their I/DD son, daughter, or sibling as they enter adulthood.  The challenge is significant...demand for I/DD housing and services is growing; supply is limited.  In general, I/DD housing and services are owned and provided by third-parties in pre-determined settings that work well for some but not all I/DD adults and their families.  Some families desire greater control over the location, design, and format of their I/DD loved one's housing and support services.

Taking Control

Designing, owning, and managing your loved one's home and services is complex and can be overwhelming at times.  The good news...you are not alone!  Other families in your community are in the same situation and may be willing and able to join the effort.  Speak with other parents who would be willing to form an I/DD housing group to create an inclusive neighborhood with us in or near your hometown.  Once your leadership team is in place, contact us to register for "Three Oaks U."

Attending Three Oaks "U"

We conduct workshops in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Evanston, Illinois with The Center for Independent Futures ("CIF") for I/DD housing groups who reserve homes in our neighborhoods.  The workshops include a robust curriculum based on what we have learned from building inclusive neighborhoods in Michigan and from CIF's 16+ years of experience helping more than 250 families throughout the United States develop and manage  housing and support services for their I/DD loved ones.   The goal of each group attending the workshops is a shared vision for building a new and inclusive neighborhood with us in or near their hometown.

Going From Vision to Reality

Empowered by a shared vision, we work closely with each I/DD housing group to identify eligible locations for a new and inclusive neighborhood in or near their hometowns.  Three Oaks Communities will manage every aspect of the development, from site control, pre-sales, and entitlement to acquisition, land development, and vertical construction.  The I/DD housing groups are responsible for forming an I/DD Homeowner Association and then securing and managing support services for their new neighborhood 


Forming  An I/DD Homeowners Association

Homeowner associations with knowledge, experience, and expertise in creating independent living opportunities for I/DD adults are essential to building inclusive neighborhoods.  They provide valuable guidance for I/DD adults and their families as they go through the process of determining what type of housing and services make the most sense for them.  


Support Services

Three Oaks neighborhoods are designed to become self-organizing “hubs” for a variety of support services that allow our I/DD homeowners to live more independent, fuller lives.  The support services include I/DD homeowner associations, caregiving services, and other community resources.  During the pre-development and construction phases, we work closely with I/DD homeowners, parents, guardians, care providers, and others to help them develop and integrate these services into their new neighborhood.

I/DD homeowners and their families living in Three Oaks neighborhoods work directly with locally-approved care provider organizations to secure support services.  Creating a support service hub in a Three Oaks neighborhood with multiple participants is more efficient and affordable for both the I/DD homeowners and the service organization.  


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